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OK-Chiptuning Goes British with the R56 MINI JCW

OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW R56

Tuned up and ready to speed.

OK-Chiptuning has been working their magic in the realm of software tuning for cars for over a decade. The Germany-based tuners have jumped across the pond for their latest upgrade package starring the R56 MINI JCW three-door hot hatch.

OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW R56

The second-generation MINI JCW saw its turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four cylinder engine gain a few extra goodies to produce quite a bit of power. OK-Chiptuning tacked on a new Wagner Competition intercooler with Turbo Forged piping, Forge diverter valve (closed), and deletion of the factory MINI sound generator. Reducing backpressure is an Akrapovic 100-cell catalytic converter, downpipes, and carbon fiber tailpipes. The OK-Chiptuning team then worked their software tuning magic, resulting in a 262 horsepower and 300 lb-ft. of torque DIN, and a GPS-certified 158 mph top speed.

OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW R56

To handle the added power, OK-Chiptuning upgraded the chassis of the MINI JCW. Here, a new set of DTC Superlight Black Edition ATS wheels in a 7.5 x 17 ET40 with 5 mm front spacers were installed with Federal RS-R 595 tires in a 215/40 R17 setup. A new Bilstein B14 suspension with adjustable strut bearings gives drivers a chance to fine-tune their hot hatch’s handling.

Visually, the OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW is dark dynamite. The hatch was covered with a full black wrap with the headlight and taillight surrounds, and front grille covered in matte black wrap. Carbon fiber makes up the new air scoop up front, all of the MINI logos, side mirrors, door handles, fuel cap, and antenna for a sportier look. For better overall performance, the Aerodynamics Packet 3 with brake ventilation was installed to help keep things cool and generate downforce.

OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW R56

As part of the transformation, OK-Chiptuning decided to focus around the driver inside of the car. Both front seats have been swapped out for new Recaro Pole Position seats in Dynamica black with passenger seat occupancy sensors, heating, and black aluminum adapters. The rear bench seats and hat rack were both removed completely to keep weight down to a minimum, and in their place goes a new Black Wiechers club sports bar. New LED lamps illuminate the cabin and make the carbon fiber gear knob with shift shortening, handbrake, and JCW accessories rack. Black GTO club sports designed door grips and an UltraGauge-MFA display in red complete the new interior accessories that make driving even more enjoyable.

OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW R56

The new OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW (R56) is just an example of what the German software tuning specialists can do with the hot hatch. All of the featured upgrades are available as a complete package or individual accessories.

OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW (R56) Specifications

Displacement: 1.6 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-four
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 254 (EEC)/262 (DIN)
Maximum Torque: 294 lb-ft. (EEC)/300 lb-ft. (DIN)
-Wagner Competition intercooler with Turbo Forged piping
-Forge diverter valve
-MINI sound generator delete
-Akrapovic exhaust system

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: DTC Superlight Black Edition ATS
Wheel Size: 7.5 x 17 ET 40 (5 mm spacers front)
Tires: Federal RS-R 595
Tire Size: 215/30 R17
Suspension: Bilstein B14

-Full black wrap
-Headlights, taillights, and grille in matte black wrap
-Carbon fiber side mirrors, front air scoop, MINI logos, door handles, fuel filler cap, antenna
-Aerodynamics packet 3 with brake ventilation

-Recaro Pole Position seats in Dynamica with sensors, heating, and black aluminum adapters
-Carbon fiber gear lever knob and handbrake
-JCW hat rack and rear bench seat removal
-UltraGauge-MFA with red display
-LED interior lights
-Black Wiechers club sports bar
-Black door grips in GT3 Club Sports design

OK-Chiptuning MINI JCW (R56) Gallery

Source: OK-Chiptuning

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