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On-Board Footage of Sebastian Loeb’s Pikes Peak Record

Racing into the clouds and record books.

The lion roars at the top of Pikes Peak this year thanks to an outstanding effort by Peugeot and the skill of Sebastian Loeb. The previous record of 9:46.164 time set in 2012 by Rhys Millen was smashed by over a minute and set at a blistering 8:13.878!

Strapped with all sorts of cameras on his chest, cockpit, bumper, side sill, and roof, Loeb set of to race into the clouds and set a new world record. Thankfully, all of that footage was put together and made into a video by the folks at Motorsport-Passion so you can see everything from Loeb’s heart rate to his elevation during the race.

Source: Motorsport Passion

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