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Jeff Zwart’s Pikes Peak Footage is Amazing

Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak

Seriously, stop what you’re doing and watch this video.

Only 12 drivers have ever broken the 10-minute barrier in the 99-year history of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Twelve drivers in the span of almost a century. At the 2015 event, Jeff Zwart set out to beat his career best time of 10:01.917. A paper-thin slice of time was all that separated him from being in the exclusive 10-minute club before, but would it again with his 800-horsepower, turbocharged Porsche 911 Cup?

Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is no laughing matter. There are steep drop-offs that, if you’re not careful, can (and will) kill you. You’re driving as fast as you possibly can with a high-output vehicle up a mountain with trees and cliffs surrounding you.

The course is 12.42 miles long with 156 turns and takes drivers up 4,720 feet to the finish line that sits 14,110 feet above sea level. It’s insanity on the side of a mountain.

Strapped with all sorts of GoPro cameras recoding in 4K quality inside and out, Swart set off to break the barrier.

Source: GoPro

How beautiful is this video of Jeff Zwart’s 2015 Pikes Peak run?


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