It’s time to Rave with this Lamborghini with a Pet Owl

Bosozoku Murcielago

Oh Japan…

You may be asking yourself ”What the hell did I just watch?” after this video. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is the Bosozoku car culture in Tokyo, Japan. The only way to describe it is that the scene is what your car feels like when it takes ecstasy and goes to an all-night rave.

Bosozoku Murcielago Owl

Marchettino visited the team at CarGuy in Tokyo and checked out the nocturnal Bosozoku club, starring a Lamborghini Murcielago with a pet owl on the steering wheel. It’s a style that’s so far out there in left field that you can’t even form emotions or opinions on it, but as long as it keeps people interested in cars, it’s cool with us!

The attention to detail with the neon lights and their synchronized flashing is pretty impressive at the end of the day, as are the outrageous spoilers and aero.

Source: Marchettino

Is the Bosozoku car scene crazy or cool?


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