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Friday FAIL: Subaru WRX STI Hits Stop and Go Traffic

Subaru WRX STI Friday FAIL Crash

When weaving through traffic goes wrong.

We get it. Driving in slow traffic with stupid drivers isn’t fun or remotely enjoyable. You want to get where you’re going without the hassle of idiots going under the speed limit and clogging the left lane. But weaving through traffic considerably faster than others is a recipe for disaster, as we can see in this Friday FAIL.

While driving down the highway in rush hour traffic, one Subaru WRX STI driver just couldn’t handle waiting in busy traffic. So, they decided to speed past slower traffic by weaving through lanes and passing in the right.

Subaru WRX STI Friday FAIL Crash

Unfortunately, as they were passing in the right and moving all the way to the left lane at high speed, they did not see the stopped traffic around the 18-wheeler ahead.

When they finally did see the traffic stopped, they slammed on the brakes and swerved into the median in an effort to minimize the impact while hitting one car, and coming to a rest in the center lane.

They didn’t get to where they wanted to go for a while after the accident.

Source: Ellison Yeung YouTube

Could you see this accident coming from a mile away?


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