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Parents: Don’t put your Babies on Exotic Cars, Please

Baby on Supercar

Why would you do that?

We get it. Babies are cute and your kid is the cutest, walked quicker than every other child their age, and is a pure genius at 10 months old. Great. Now get them off of exotic cars.

The GoldRush Rally is currently speeding across the United States and stopping to show off their exotic cars for all of us to enjoy these lovely machines. However, one camera-wielding YouTube user caught one family placing their child on various exotics for pictures like it was no big deal.

Baby on Supercar

We’re not talking about your friends Audi S4 with new wheels and an ECU reflash here, we’re talking cars with six- and seven-figure price tags. You just don’t do that to someone else’s property.

Now we just need someone to put their baby on their minivan for pictures and see what happens.

Source: JSR Cars YouTube

What would you do if someone put their baby on your super car for pictures?


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