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This Peterbuilt will Blow the Doors off your Car!

Peterbuilt 379 Acceleration

1,300-HP of diesel fury!

Dump trucks and semi-trailer trucks can sometimes be looked at as a slow inconvenience on roads and highways. They may be delivering goods that we need, but that all goes out the window when you’re stuck behind one.

This Peterbuilt 379 is one truck that isn’t afraid to put down the power and make your car look like a weak, slow machine on the road.

Peterbuilt 379 Acceleration

Built between 1987 and 2007, the Peterbuilt 379 is a class-8 hauler that’s built for work. This modified 379, however, is built for power and speed. The 11.5-ton behemoth packs 1,300 horsepower and loves to show it off.

Just take this video as an example. A Honda “stuck” behind the Peterbuilt as it merges on an on-ramp is left in the dust after the driver hits the throttle and speeds past a Fed-Ex truck on the highway.

That’s just impressive.


How would you like to get behind the wheel of this 1,300-HP Peterbuilt 379?


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