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PSA: Stop Trying to Show Off, BMW Drivers

BMW M3 Almost Hits Car

Actually, all drivers in general.

Hey guys, news flash, we’re not all professional drivers or drifters. You shouldn’t try to show people that you are on public streets or when you’re leaving a car show – even if you’re not driving a Ford Mustang.

BMW M3 Almost Hits Car

This driver didn’t get that memo and tried to show off to bystanders that he was the coolest driver around by stomping on the throttle as they turned onto a road, losing control, and almost hitting an oncoming vehicle.

Thankfully, luck was on this BMW driver’s side as the M3 just narrowly missed hitting the Jeep in the opposite lane. That could’ve been a very bad accident, all because someone just had to show off.

The ironic thing is that the well-behaved driver here is behind the wheel of a Mustang.

Source: Braden Carlson YouTube

How lucky is this BMW M3 driver that they didn’t get into an accident?


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