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RENM Performance Audi R8 V10 wins A6 Class at Knysna Hillclimb Race

Racing the R8 at the South African Knysna Speed Week Festival.

Earlier this year, Aussie tuner RENM Performance teamed up with Racing Dynamics and Raptor Motorsport to create an Audi R8 V10 capable of taking top honors in the May 2011 Hillclimb Race in the coastal town of Knysna, South Africa. The event was held during the Knysna Speed Week Festival, and saw 80 entries comprised of Porsche race cars, Ferrari F430s, an Ariel Atom, and numerous other vintage and open-wheel race cars.

In front of a crowd of over 6,000, the RENM Performance, Racing Dynamics, and Raptor Motorsport R8 V10 was able to build a ten-second advantage over other A6-class cars in qualifying with driver Andrew Waller behind the wheel. Andrew Waller was able to pilot the R8 V10 to an A6 Road-Car Class victory and 11th overall victory. Even though the R8 V10 was fitted with minor modifications, the car was still one of the top performers during the race. The Knysna hillclimb race did see numerous accidents, with an Audi Quattro rolling onto its roof, another R8 V10 hitting the mountainside, and two Nissan R35 GTRs suffering serious damage.

RENM Performance Audi R8 V10 Knysna Hillclimb Race Video

RENM Performance Audi R8 V10 Knysna Hillclimb Race Gallery

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