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Restoring a Zakspeed Dodge Viper GTS-R for the Street

Street-legal race venom.

Back in 1999, Zakspeed raced a 1998 Dodge Viper GTS-R to an overall win at the 24 Hours Nürburgring endurance race. Since then, the car has fallen into the hands of a private owner, who recently enlisted the help of Heurich Classics, the Germany-based restorer of vintage and historic sports cars, to make the Viper street legal.

In its original racing form, the Zakspeed Viper GTS-R was powered by a 600 horsepower engine mated to a Tremec six-speed manual gearbox. The Dodge Viper GTS-R weighed in at a mere 2,970 lbs. and featured a Motec M8 system and KW Automotive dampers.

But, in original form, the Zakspeed Viper is not legal to be driven on the street. So, Heurich Classics began to remove many of the racing modifications such as the rear diffuser. The exhaust, spoiler, aerodynamics, braking system, steering angle, cooling system, electronics, and lights were all modified to conform to current laws. The seats and harnesses were restored, a passenger seat was added, new cooling fans were installed, and a new set of wheels and tires were specially ordered to make the Viper GTS-R more livable.

After the street-legal upgrades were installed, Heurich Classics contacted all of the previous sponsors for permission to use the old logos and advertisements. Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping was given the task of installing a platinum wrapping foil that could accommodate the sponsorships.

The result of Heurich Classics and Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping was a classic Zakspeed Dodge Viper GTS-R that brings back memories of a time when the Dodge Viper ruled racing.

Zakspeed Dodge Viper GTS-R Gallery

[Source: Heurich Classics]

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