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RevoZport gives the Facelifted Tesla Model S some Style

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S

Set style to stun.

As Tesla grows with their innovative line of electric vehicles, the high-performance, high-tech, Model S has been given a nip and a tuck to stay fresh with the of the model line. The team at RevoZport has kept up with the new design and have created the R-Zentric Aerokit with or without a widebody setup to give the electric car even more presence.

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S

While it doesn’t blow up the tires with a traditional high-output combustion engine, the Tesla Model S is no stranger to utterly insane acceleration and performance. To match the ever-increasing athleticism, RevoZport’s R-Zentric Aerokit helps to generate downforce, reduce lift, and allow for a bigger footprint.

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S

The new standard trackwidth RevoZport R-Zentric Aerokit includes a new front splitter that reduces lift and matches the revised factory design. Each side features new skirts that visually lower the electric vehicle and add a touch of definition. At the rear, a new diffuser keeps the car planted at higher speeds and hints at its performance capabilities. An optional trunk spoiler is also available to generate a bit of extra downforce.

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S

For owners that want even more, RevoZport offers a widebody version of the R-Zentric Aerokit that extends the front and rear track by 40 mm. This increase allows larger 9.5J wheels with 255 tires at the front and 11.0J wheels with 295 tires at the rear to be used for better grip and handling. RevoZport offers new Klassen CS15-D 22-inch forged wheels for the Tesla Model S that fit the bill and have a Carbonardo finish.

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S

As part of the new upgrade program for the Tesla Model S, owners can opt for the R-Zentric rear entertainment console with support for iPad Minis as well as USB phone charging. The console can be finished in carbon fiber or fine leather as well. Additionally, new R-Zentric seatback covers made from 1.5-mm thick carbon fiber can be installed with a gloss or matte finish with optional color-coding as well.

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S

The new range of RevoZport R-Zentric Aerokit and upgrades for the newly-facelifted Tesla Model S are currently available as a complete package or individual accessories.

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S Specifications

-R-Zentric Front Splitter
-R-Zentric Side Skirt (Standard Trackwidth)
-R-Zentric Rear Diffuser
-Optional R-Zentric Carbon Trunk Spoiler (Available in Gloss or Matt finishing)
-Optional widebody kit; adds 40 mm at the front and rear

Type: Klassen CS15-D forged alloy
Front Wheels: 9.5J x 22
Rear Wheels: 11.0J x 22
Wheel Finish: Carbonardo

-R-Zentric rear entertainment console in carbon fiber or fine leather
-R-Zentric 1.5-mm carbon fiber seatbacks

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S Gallery

Source: RevoZport

Do you like the new look of the Tesla Model S after the RevoZport R-Zentric Aerokit?


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