Say Goodbye to Winter with a Ferrari F40 in the Snow!

Luke Huxham 'A Day In The Life' Ferrari F40

From track star to rally monster.

The Ferrari F40 is one of the most iconic super cars that rolled out of Maranello. The dedication to performance through advanced materials and technology put it on a pedestal above the competition.

These brilliant machines are rare toys designed to conquer the asphalt, but they are also more than capable of performing stunning feats on other surfaces – like snow.

Luke Huxham 'A Day In The Life' Ferrari F40

Just like Red Bull’s philosophy of going beyond the ordinary, driver, Takeshi Kimura, took a Ferrari F40 equipped with rally lights and a luggage rack out to the slopes at Ryuoo Ski Park for some camping atop the snowy summit in the film ‘A Day In The Life’ directed by Luke Huxham.

Even with snow tires, the Ferrari F40 is prone to losing traction, so Kimura rented some tire chains and went on an exciting rally to the top of the mountain.

Sometimes, it’s good to break from the ordinary and start and adventure.

Source: Red Bull
Directed by Luke Huxham

Would you take a Ferrari F40 out in the snow for some rally driving?


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