Sit your Butt down on the Motoring Legends Collection

Motoring Legends Collection

Bringing your favorite legends of racing to your home.

There is a lot of motorsports memorabilia floating around ranging from posters to race car parts. Vintage60 now has the perfect complement to your garage, man cave, or even living room with their new Motoring Legends Collection that brings back icons of racing’s past in a comfortable and stylish form.

The new Motoring Legends Collection from Vintage60 is a collection of foot stools and bar stools with coffee tables and club chairs set to be offered in the future. The range of furniture wears your favorite number, logo, livery, and/or movie star from vintage motorsports. Each seat can be decorated in a variety of colors with either premium leather or synthetic-leather effect contract vinyl.

Motoring Legends Collection

Everything from Gulf, Shell, Lotus, Classic Team Lotus, BP, and more are available with the team’s logos, driver’s or car’s number. Each seat is the perfect piece to use for your garage or where you watch racing in your home and is a special piece to add to your collection.

The bar- and foot stools in the Motoring Legends Collection are currently available with a wide range of colors, manufacturers, and brands including logos while the coffee tables and club chairs will be offered in the future. For more information, check out the lineup at www.vintage60.com.

Motoring Legends Collection Gallery

[Source: Vintage60]

What team or driver would you order in the Motoring Legends Collection? Leave a comment and let us know!


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