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The Spofec Overdose is all about Excess with the Wraith

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith (23)

Limited edition widebody Wraith.

The team at Spofec have never shied away from excessiveness and exclusivity, and their latest limited-run of vehicles exemplifies that to a T. Based on the Rolls Royce Wraith, the new Spofec Overdose is an ultra-exclusive display of power both visually and on the road.

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith (26)

That power starts with the 6.6-liter, twin-turbocharged V-12 engine sitting under the hood. The Spofec Overdose benefits from a plug-and-play N-Tronic auxiliary control unit as well as a stainless steel sport exhaust system that cuts 11 lbs. compared to the factory setup. As an option, customers can also choose to have a valve-controlled system installed as well.

After the new exhaust and N-Tronic module are installed, the Spofec Overdose produces a brawny 717 horsepower and 727 lb-ft. of torque. This allows the British luxury machine to accelerate to 62 mph from rest in just 4.2 seconds. Top speed remains at 155 mph to prevent damage to the tires.

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith (20)

That speed and power is prominently on display visually with the Spofec Overdose thanks to a full carbon fiber widebody aerodynamic package designed by Vittorio Strosek. The biggest attention-grabbers are the fenders that extend outwards by 7.0 cm up front and 13.0 cm at the rear. These flared fenders create a “wasp” shape and give the Rolls Royce Wraith an even more intimidating presence. The front pair feature air outlets while the new side skirts carve an intake into the rear pair to send cool air to the brakes.

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith (19)

The exterior changes are also apparent at both front and rear fascias, with the former boasting a new bumper. The new bumper seamlessly integrates the bigger fenders and features larger air intakes below the prominent grille. At the rear, a new bumper flows from the wider fenders and incorporates the dual tailpipes while a naked carbon fiber spoiler lip sits above.

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith (21)

Hiding under those bulging fenders of the Spofec Overdose are massive in-house SP1 alloy wheels featuring a ten offset double-spoke design. Up front, the 9.0J x 22 wheels wear 265/35 ZR22 tires while the rear comes in with an even wider 10.5J x 22 setup with 295/30 ZR22 tires. Behind those custom-finished wheels sit Spofec’s carbon ceramic brakes that reduce weight by 84 lbs. compared to the factory setup and measure 405 x 30 mm up front and 395 x 38 mm at the rear.

To complete the fitment, the entire Spofec Overdose features a control module for the pneumatic suspension that reduces the ride height by 40 mm.

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith (17)

Each one of the Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith vehicles can be outfitted with a completely custom-tailored interior with a limitless array of colors and materials.

Only eight of the limited-edition Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith vehicles will be produced by the German company.

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith Specifications

Displacement: 6.6 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-12
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 717 / 527 kW
Maximum Torque: 727 lb-ft. / 986 Nm
-N-Tronic plug-and-play module
-Stainless steel sport exhaust with optional valve control

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 4.2 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph

Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension:
Wheels: Spofec SP1 alloy
Front Wheels: 9.0J x 22
Rear Wheels: 10.5J x 22
Front Tires: 295/30 ZR22
Rear Tires: 265/35 ZR22
Suspension: Electronic lowering module

-New front bumper
-Extended front and rear fenders with integrated air intakes/outlets
-Side skirts
-Rear bumper
-Rear carbon fiber spoiler lip

Spofec Overdose Rolls Royce Wraith Gallery

Source: Spofec

Is the 717-HP widebody Spofec Overdose the ultimate Rolls Royce Wraith?


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