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One of the most enjoyable ways to travel is in a coach or RV. Although many luxury cars and SUVs now offer rear-seat entertainment, a comfortable ride, and other amenities, nothing compares to the convenience, quality, and travel experience provided by a luxury coach or RV.

Nobody knows this better than SportTruckRV. Founded in 2003 and located in Chandler, Arizona, SportTruckRV is one of the largest full-service custom truck and RV dealerships in the United States. They have 110 service bays and their Oasis RV Center has been voted #1 Service Center in the USA! This premier RV dealership is also the exclusive home to the SportTruck, IKON and Renegade brands.

In the world of RVs and trailers, IKON is the pinnacle of excellence and quality. The elite brand is a division of Renegade, the respected sport truck and RV company that is renowned for their quality, durability, and craftsmanship. An IKON Coach is a warm and welcoming way to travel with custom furnishings and built with some of the highest standards in the industry. Instead of the traditional rear-engined layout, IKON coaches feature a front-engine design that allows for a safer and more comfortable ride, improved towing capacity, and better weight distribution. Each IKON model was developed with a 120,000 PSI frame rating, crumple zones, and airbags to keep all occupants safe in the event of an accident.

Instead of the glitzy and over the top styles of other brands, IKON vehicles are for those that want a warm and comfortable atmosphere that oozes class. SportTruckRV has helped make the dreams of customers a reality with IKON vehicles. Each coach can be designed with fine cabinetry, granite countertops, stainless steel Viking appliances, and leather furniture along with the latest in entertainment. You help design your dream.

Even the IKON trailers can be given the custom design treatment at SportTruckRV. Numerous professional race teams turn to the premier IKON dealership to create trailers that can accommodate racecars and all of the necessary tools and equipment to run a team. Trailers can also be transformed into a comfortable living area with all of the living amenities featured in the IKON coaches.

SportTruckRV is the national leader in elite IKON and Renegade products. The Chandler, Arizona dealership is home to a comprehensive customer design center that allows for the complete personalization of any vehicle. The crown jewels of custom design are the IKON coaches, trailers, and sport decks. Customers can work with SportTruckRV designers to create a classy and luxurious vehicle.

SportTruckRV also builds their own line of custom trucks on the Freightliner chassis known as SportTruck. The custom SportTruck Editions such as the Sedona Edition has been voted the “ULTIMATE IN LUXURY HAULING!” The SportTruck line even offers a six-door and an 11-Passenger Utility Vehicle design which is not available anywhere else.

SportTruckRV stands by all of their products with the industries best warranty packages. Safety and reliability is of the upmost concern. Each IKON is designed and built to exceed one million miles and developed with the latest in safety technology to keep occupants safe. IKON coaches also boast superior performance with 560+ horsepower engines, durable Allison transmissions, and buttery smooth suspensions.

SportTruckRV will be at the 2011 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill on December 3-4th along with SNT Motorsports Development as they race for first place!

Visit the SportTruckRV website to browse their entire inventory and learn more about the exclusive SportTruck, IKON and Renegade product lines. You can also contact them for more information on their inventory here.

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