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Switzer Performance unleashes a green Godzilla

Switzer Performance Nissan GT-R

Nissan’s “untuneable” and “perfect” monster gets even better.

It all started with the P800; a versatile 800 hp Nissan GT-R tuned by Switzer Performance that could be raced and driven home the same day. Then a customer contacted the Ohio-based tuning company, asking if the P800 could be tuned for even more performance. Surrounded by cornfields, the team took on the task and created a Godzilla powered by E85 – the E900.

The first step in the challenge was to replace the stock rear mounted six-speed BorgWarner dual clutch semi-automatic transmission. With the team looking to exceed 800 hp, worries over the durability of the stock transmission arose. Switzer contacted Dodson Motorsports in New Zealand, and after several months of co-development, the two companies produced a transmission that was able to handle 900 hp, provide smooth shifting, and have more clutch area.

After upgrading the transmission, Switzer then focused on the fuel system. The corn-based E85 fuel was chosen for its availability and low environmental impact. New, larger injectors were installed and the system was modified to handle the new fuel and increased boost. Following more tuning and dyno runs, Swtizer Performance was able to reach the 900 hp barrier, and create a GT-R that offered massive midrange power and torque and an earth-shattering sub-six second 60-130 mph acceleration time.

The E900 tuning program is currently available from Switzer Performance. The E85-powered Switzer GT-R also includes an Amuse carbon fiber aero package, three-way adjustable suspension, and 20-inch BBS wheels with a one-inch wider fitment.

Switzer Performance Nissan GT-R Gallery

Switzer Performance Nissan GT-R Specifications

Displacement: 3.8 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-6
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Fuel Type: E85
Maximum Horsepower: 900

Acceleration 60-130 mph: < 6 seconds

Amuse carbon fiber aero package

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: 20-inch BBS
Suspension: Three-way adjustable

Dyno Sheet

Source: Switzer Performance Blog

Would you rather drive a GT-R powered by E85 or high-octane race fuel? Leave a comment and let us know!


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