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Who gets More Looks: a McLaren 650S or Nissan GT-R?

McLaren 650S Spider vs Nissan GT-R Reaction Video

Let’s see in downtown Toronto!

the.leviathan knows a thing or two about getting crazy reactions while driving in Toronto. So, this time around, he decided to mix things up a bit and go for a cruise with a friend to see who would get the most reactions.

McLaren 650S Spider vs Nissan GT-R Reaction Video

Armed with his stock McLaren 650S Spider, the.leviathan set out for a ride with his friend driving a modified Nissan GT-R with all sorts of engine work, aerodynamics, and a custom vinyl wrap through Toronto.

Shortly after the cruise started, pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists, and more stopped and turned their heads to check out the Nissan GT-R instead of the McLaren. People took pictures, videos, smiled, and more of the GT-R making the 650S Spider look like a boring everyday car – which doesn’t happen often.

Source: the.leviathan

Would you rather be driving the stock McLaren 650S Spider or the head-turning Nissan GT-R?


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