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Since 1994, Wally has been a leader in contemporary design, technology, and innovation in the yacht industry. One of the most iconic models and faces of the brand was the Wally//Tender, a highly successful yacht with sharp lines and a “stealthy” look. After a decade-long production run, Wally is introducing a new yacht that looks to build on the Tender’s success; the Wally//One.

The new Wally//One seeks to become the ultimate day boat, bringing together a sleek contemporary design, innovative technology, and increased performance. “Wally//One is an exercise in giving our customers more for less – more performance, technology and comfort with less overall length, consumption and cost,” said founder and President of Wally, Luca Bassani Antivari. “Like everything that we do at Wally, this is about smart evolution. Wally//One has a greater emphasis on fun. It has been designed as more of a day boat than its predecessor with flexible seating, increased sunbed space and a host of modern conveniences.”

The newest addition to the line of Wally yachts will be powered by two Yanmar engines producing over 630 horsepower and be capable of traveling at 40 to 50 knots. The lightweight yet strong composite hull and narrow waterline beam allow the yacht to strike a perfect balance between a smooth cruise and agile handling. Overall the Wally//One measures 13.120 meters with a 3.525 meter max beam, providing comfortable accommodations for two passengers.

The new Wally//One is currently available for € 580,000 (+/- 832,600 USD), so kick back, relax, and enjoy the pristine waters on your Wally.

Wally//One Specifications

Overall Length: 13.120 meters
Length Waterline: 11.340 meters
Beam Max: 3.525 meters
Draft-Hull: 0.575 meters
Draft Drives Down: 0.840 meters
Fuel Tanks: 1000 L
Fresh Water Tanks: 240 L
Engines: YANMAR 370 horsepower
Speed: 40 to 50 knots (depending on engines)
Accommodations: Two Guests
Classification: CE Category B
Price: € 580,000 (+/- 832,600 USD)

Wally//One Gallery

[Source: Wally]

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