The first Reported Lexus LFA Crash

Get your checkbook, this one’s going to be expensive.

Seeing crashed super cars can be a hard thing to look at sometimes. Pieces of beauty and power wrecked, mangled, and totaled bring tears to our eyes. Alas, the first Lexus LFA crash has surfaced and looks to be an expensive fix.

The Lexus LFA and its 552 horsepower V-10 have not been out on the market for an extended period of time and we’re guessing many still have yet to break the 1,000 mile mark on their odometers. The white Lexus LFA saw only 635 miles before it was wrecked pretty badly from a front-end collision. While the details of the Lexus LFA crash are unknown, it reportedly happened October 8th of 2011 in Orlando, FL. The super car was not totaled, but will clearly need some new body work.

Since the accident, the car was put up for auction and quickly sold on January 3rd at Expo Motor Cars in Houston, Texas. No word yet on if the car has been fixed or its future plans. If we spot a bumper-less Lexus LFA driving around in the US, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Lexus LFA Crash Gallery

[Source: ClubLexus, Howard Brown & Sons Auto]

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