The Real Story of Leviathan’s Missing Ferrari Door!

the.leviathan Ferrari F430 Door Accident Story

Oh what an expensive accident.

Having automotive insurance is very, very important. It protects your wallet in case of accidents to you, your vehicle, others, and their property. It also means that you won’t be paying $40,000 out of pocket when your door gets hit by another driver.

the.leviathan Ferrari F430 Door Accident Story

Remember the.leviathan’s video detailing his door-less Ferrari F430 because racecar? Well, while his dedication to saving weight was comical, the real reason behind it was pretty cringe-worthy.

While going back into his car to get his phone in the center console, a driver hit his open door, causing some serious cosmetic damage. While it was “only” the door, it resulted in a six-month, $40,000 repair bill with a three-page invoice. The door repair took 60 hours to complete, but Ferrari had to either make or source a door, then the folks at Mister John Auto Collision Ltd. had to mold it and repaint it.

Although the whole process was aggravating, the.leviathan was able to keep an optimistic outlook on the situation. After all, how can you stay mad when you own a Ferrari at the end of the day?

Source: the.leviathan

How mad would you be if someone hit your Ferrari’s door like this?


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