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There’s nothing like a Ferrari Wake-Up Call!

Ferrari Wake Up Call

Just not from a couple feet away.

Dream Racing is one of the few places that gives people the ability to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari race car and drive it around Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It’s a real treat to experience, with instructors and teachers giving you all the tools to take the checkered flag.

Mark Trueno of StreetFX Motorsport and Graphics got the opportunity to go and drive at Dream Racing. The only problem was that it required a 20-hour flight and five-hour drive to get there. Tack on a full-day of racing, and you have one very tired driver.

Ferrari Wake Up Call

After racing around the track, Trueno decided to take a nap on one of the couches trackside. The only problem was that his friends saw it as the perfect opportunity to play a prank.

They had one of the Ferrari 458 race cars pull up next to the couch, start up, and rev its V-8 engine. The fire-spitting exhaust scared the hell out of Trueno and singed the hair on his hand. Just in case, his friend also tossed some water on his face to cool him off.

Source: Street FX Motorsport & Graphics

How would you like to be woken up by a Ferrari race car like this?


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