It’s Time for some Ferrari Rally Madness in Maranello!

70 Anniversary Rally to Maranello

Hundreds of Prancing Horses invade the town.

Every year, Ferrari owners from all across Europe travel to Maranello in a five-day car parade to the Italian city of Maranello, ending with the Worldwide celebrations at Ferrari’s hometown. This year marked the 70th anniversary of the parade and featured over 450 Ferraris as they converged on the historic city.

70 Anniversary Rally to Maranello

The celebration of the Prancing Horse starts in a number of cities around Europe where owners gather as they travel from city to city, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds from the Italian sports cars.

Of course, thousands were on hand to take in the beauty of these historic high-performance cars from every era in Maranello. People lined the streets with their cameras out and capturing away as the roaring engines echoed.

It was a glorious display of power and one that was captured here in this 11-minute video from A8C100 for all of us that couldn’t be there to enjoy.

Source: A8C100 YouTube

Which one of these Ferraris from the 70 Anniversary Rally to Maranello was your favorite?


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