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Time to get lost in the smoke with some Drifting Ferraris!

Ferrari Drifting

Shred some tires and go sideways!

It’s not often that you’ll see a Ferrari going sideways and drifting, let alone multiple Ferraris, but when Ryan Tuerck comes to town, you’re going to see a lot of tire smoke.

Ferrari Drifting

Professional Drifter, Ryan Tuerck, visited the team at Daily Driven Exotics to check out their stable of Italian Stallions in British Columbia and do some driving. Well, it ended up being a grand ol’ time full of tire-shredding fun and lots of exotic exhaust notes in the beautiful Canadian city.

Luckily, Zwingfilms was able to publish a behind-the-scenes video form the fun as well as the official video that appeared on Network A.

The Official Video:

Source: Zwingfilms, DailyDrivenExotics, Network A YouTube

Is this how you properly drive a Ferrari?


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