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More Truth from Mahk for the “Real People” Chevy Ads

Mahk Real People Chevy Parody

Oh these are brilliant.

Those Chevrolet “Real People, Not Actors” commercials are really freaking annoying to us car enthusiasts, because we’re not confusing a Malibu for a BMW. The fact that these “real people” that are being paid to be in a commercial but aren’t professional actors are confusing these car models, is pathetic.

So, our buddy “Mahk” is here to say what we all want to with a thick Boston accent.

Mahk Real People Chevy Parody

The latest “Real People” parody is Chevrolet’s J.D. Power and Associates Initial quality awards advertisement. This award, as Mahk points out, is kind of a bullshit award because it measures the average number of problems experienced within the first 90 days of ownership. You shouldn’t have any problems within the first 90 days of ownership, period.

Mahk also throws in some dazzlingly rough banter from our favorite Masshole tearing into the brand, its cars, and the sheer stupidity of the ad.

We hope that Chevrolet keeps making these ads so that Mahk keeps making these parody videos.

Source: Zebra Corner YouTube

Do you agree with Mahk in this Chevrolet “Real People” commercial parody?


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