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Turn up the volume for this Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 GTB with FiExhaust!

Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 GTB with FiExhaust

The World’s First.

The new Ferrari 488 GTB is pretty impressive in virtually every aspect from its design to its mechanical bits. The switch to a turbocharged engine from the naturally-aspirated 458 Italia may have disappointed some, but once it’s opened up with a custom FiExhaust system, minds will change.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 GTB with FiExhaust

This Ferrari 488 GTB with Liberty Walk widebody kit is the first of its kind to be fitted with a full FiExhaust system. The system features a new Catback valvetronic muffler with dual exhaust tips mated to an ultra-high-flow cat-less downpipe for improved backpressure. The result is a raspier, motorsport-esque note that will send shivers down your spine. The valves are controlled by an intelligent ECU system that determines their position based on the engine’s RPMs for the right sound in any situation.

While the focus is on the exhaust, this 488 GTB also has quite the visual impact. The full widebody treatment from Liberty Walk is paired up with new Forgiato wheels and an AirREX digital suspension.

Source: FiExhaust YouTube

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