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Visor Cam Footage from Monterey Reunion Practice in a 908/02

Porsche 908/02 Laguna Seca

Oh this is absolutely beautiful.

Monterey Car Week is oh-so-special. Part of the week-long list of events is the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion where classic racecars from the past go all-out on the track. Thankfully, Gunnar Jeanette wore a visor camera during practice and provided some absolutely amazing footage from the cockpit of a Porsche 908/02.

Porsche 908/02 Laguna Seca

During Practice, Jeanette put all 350 horsepower to work from the 3.0-liter flat-eight engine as it sang a beautifully raw, classic sound. Not only was it spectacular to see behind the wheel of the open-top Porsche 908/02, but watching the other classic racecars that were competing against it was a real treat as well.

Source: The Racer Channel YouTube

Would you want to drive the Porsche 908/02 at Laguna Seca?


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