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Watch Mario…Err Sebastian Vettel Race Soapbox

Trading in his F1 car for a Mario Kart.

Sebastian Vettel is an incredibly talented, three-time Formula 1 World Champion driver for Red Bull Racing. He’s used to going incredibly fast with knifelike precision to take home the checkered flag. His most recent racer was a bit different though.

At the Red Bull Soapbox race in Germany, Vettel dressed up as the popular red overall-wearing Italian plumber with a big mustache, Mario. His vehicle may have been constructed to resemble a Mario Kart racer, but it didn’t fare as well, as parts came flying off right out of the gate.

The narrator may need a few cough drops and to put the cigarettes down for a while, but it doesn’t take away from the cool factor of a Formula 1 driver racing a soapbox car. At the end of the interview he’s talking about his soapbox car, not his Formula 1 racer.

Source: BBC News Official 10

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