Watch this McLaren 650S Spider Race a Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Model S P100D vs McLaren 650S Spider

Breaking necks.

In case you haven’t heard, the Tesla Model S is no joke. Step on up to the P100D variant with Ludicrous Mode and you have yourself a car that can annihilate others from a dig. But how does it match up with a car like the McLaren 650S Spider that’s over double the price?

Tesla Model S P100D vs McLaren 650S Spider

Well, on paper, the Tesla is down in the power department with only 503-HP hitting the front and 259-HP at the rear, compared to 641 bhp for the McLaren at the rear wheels. However, that’s a lot of power to handle with just two wheels. The Tesla also has instantaneous power delivery and all-wheel drive.

So, who wins from a dig and at a 40-mph roll? Let’s find out!

Source: DragTimes YouTube

Would you choose to drag race with the Tesla Model S P100D or McLaren 650S Spider?


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