Watch some Old-School Group B Rally Footage

Walter Rohrl Audi Quattro Group BWalter Rohrl Audi Quattro Group B

…and Walter Rohrl destroy an expensive camera.

Group B rally racing in the 1980s was seriously awesome, seriously dangerous, and seriously out-of-this world. Automakers dumped everything they had into developing their cars to helping them to go through the mud, dirt, gravel, and anything else as fast as possible.

Two of the biggest legends were Walter Rohrl and the Audi Quattro. Back then, crowds could – and would often – gather right next to the course, not caring about the dangers they faced. One of the risks was getting hit by the car or the debris it scattered as it spun its tires and slid sideways, engines screaming.

At the Rally of Portugal in the 1980s, Walter Rohrl and his Audi Quattro showed just why it’s not always the best idea to get as close as possible to the track as he destroys at 30,000 £ television camera. That cameraman probably had a really bad day.


Source: Duke Video YouTube

Would you stand this close to the course during a Group B race?


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