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Watch this Skater Jump on an Audi R8!

Skateboarder jumps on Audi R8

Didn’t even stick the landing.

If you own a car, then you likely don’t want it to be damaged. The same goes for people that own sports cars and super cars. While they may have the money to be able to afford these machines, they still don’t like to have to pay for repairs. This skateboarder didn’t seem to care about that.

Skateboarder jumps on Audi R8

According to Reddit, a skateboarder in Tampa Bay, Florida was caught jumping on the hood of an Audi R8 with their skateboard on video. The video was allegedly uploaded to skateboarder, Dalton Newbury’s, Instagram account, and was subsequently taken down. That wasn’t before the video was downloaded and shared for others to see.

Why someone would feel the need to skateboard onto someone’s Audi R8 is beyond us. We’re sure that the owner is not happy about the damage and most likely contacted police if they saw the video.

To top it all off, they couldn’t even stick the landing.

Source: Reddit

How mad would you be if you saw someone skate on your super car?


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