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Watch these Driver’s Ed Students When they get a Porsche 911!

Porsche 911 Test Drive Prank

Lots of failed license tests here.

Imagine learning how to drive on your parents van or some old beater car then suddenly getting a brand new 991-generation Porsche 911 to drive for your test to get your license. Well, that’s what Porsche did when they pranked these drivers before they took the test to get their license.

Porsche 911 Test Drive Prank

The more complex nature and different layout inside and out was clearly something that each driver was not prepared for with some struggling to find the start button, how to shift, and even finding the engine. Parallel parking was a problem as were roundabouts, with one woman speeding into a drift.

Thankfully, the Porsche 911 wasn’t damaged and no accidents occurred while filming the driver’s test prank on these unsuspecting drivers.

Source: Porsche

Would you have been able to take your driver’s test on a brand new Porsche 911?


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