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Watch this Butthead R8 Driver hit another Car

Audi R8 Hit and Run Dashcam

Thankfully we have dashcam footage.

We’ve all heard the stereotype that rich super car owners think they’re better than everyone because of how big their bank account is and how their car cost exponentially more than yours. It’s not always true, but this driver of a custom-wrapped Audi R8 isn’t exactly helping to kill that stereotype.

Audi R8 Hit and Run Dashcam

While driving on a two-way road, one dashcam-equipped driver was minding their own business and obeying the traffic laws when a wild Audi R8 appeared out of nowhere to pass using the oncoming lane. The only problem was that there was a bus coming straight for the Audi R8, and in order to avoid an accident, he got over too quick, hitting the car with the dashcam.

And, instead of stopping, exchanging insurance information, and taking care of the situation like a responsible citizen, the Audi R8 driver just speeds off. Thankfully, that trusty dashcam caught the whole thing on video including the license plate.

Source: Best Dash Cam Accidents YouTube

How pissed off would you be if your car got hit by an Audi R8 driver who sped off?


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