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Watch this Lamborghini Aventador Owner get Busted by the Cops

Lamborghini Aventador Busted by Police

Shootin’ flames and gettin’ tickets!

When you own any vehicle, you’re supposed to be responsible while driving. If you’re not, you could be getting a ticket pretty quickly from a police officer.

Lamborghini Aventador Busted by Police

This Lamborghini Aventador driver learned that while peeling out into a tunnel in Monaco. After showing off to a crowd with exhaust flames and speeding into a tunnel, an undercover police officer slammed on the brakes and pulled a U-turn to give chase.

We’re guessing that the Lamborghini owner was likely pretty far down the road by the time the officer finally reached the end of the tunnel, making it plausible that he got away.

Well, at least he didn’t hit anyone while leaving like a Mustang…

Source: WorldSupercars YouTube

How funny was it to see this undercover officer catch this Lamborghini driver?


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