Watch this McLaren P1 Do the Squeeze

McLaren P1 Tight Squeeze

Between a garbage truck and a hard place.

People think that once you own an exotic car, you go out of your way to take the utmost care to prevent any kind of little scratch, ding, or damage. That’s not always the case, because in the end, these owners have boatloads of cash to afford repairs or completely new cars altogether.

McLaren P1 Tight Squeeze

This sphincter-tightening video comes from Stockholm, Sweden, where a McLaren P1 driver squeezes through a very narrow space between a garbage truck and a wall on the brick-lined street. With bystanders biting their lips and watching in amazement, the P1 driver manages to narrowly get through the space without any kind of damage to the relief of everyone around the world.

For the sake of all of us in the automotive world, please be careful with your exotics, folks!

Source: YouTube

Do you have the balls to squeeze through a tight space like this in a McLaren P1?


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