Watch this McLaren P1 GTR have a REALLY Close Call!

McLaren P1 GTR Close Call

Churning up another one at the corkscrew.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is an incredible track and is home to the legendary corkscrew turn that is one of the hardest corners in racing to master. Its change in elevation and turn can easily make the most experienced driver look like a novice, just ask this McLaren P1 GTR driver.

McLaren P1 GTR Close Call

According to the video uploader, the driver of the McLaren P1 was a professional factory driver that was teaching others during the private McLaren GTR track days. The pro driver was giving it his all and just slightly lost control, which resulted in the McLaren P1 GTR almost hitting the wall.

Luckily, no serious damage was done to the P1 GTR in this narrow miss.

Source: effspot YouTube

Would you need a new pair of pants if you were this McLaren P1 GTR driver?


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