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Watch this McLaren vs. Skateboarder Mess go down

McLaren MP4-12C Skateboarder

Everyone is at fault here.

When you drive a vehicle, you have a certain responsibility on the road to obey traffic laws to prevent accidents and injuries to other motorists and pedestrians. This McLaren MP4-12C owner did not get the memo at this stop sign as he rolled through and got his windshield smashed by a skateboarder.

McLaren MP4-12C Skateboarder

Now, the McLaren driver should have stopped at the stop sign before rolling through when someone (out of frame) was skateboarding and had the right-of-way. According to witnesses, the driver caused the skateboarder to fall by rolling past the stop sign. This, really angered the skateboarder who wrongfully smashed the windshield of the McLaren with their skateboard to get revenge.

The skater then ran off with the driver giving chase, understandably furious. All this while the person recording was holding their phone vertically towards the sunset, causing most of the action to be missed, but heard.

Both the driver and the skateboarder are at fault here and could’ve prevented damage to this poor, innocent McLaren.

EDIT: This was FAKE!

Source: Paul Gonzo YouTube

What would you do if you were the skateboader after falling down because this McLaren driver didn’t stop?


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