Your Weekend GIF: The Cat vs. Dog Debate will Never Die

Weekend GIF Cat Vs. Dog

Normally our Weekend GIF posts feature some kind of crazy or exciting vehicle doing something over and over again for you to enjoy. This week’s was just too awesome to pass up, though. If you’re looking for some kind of automotive content, there’s an SUV in there.

In Bakersfield, CA a little boy was riding his bike when a dog attacked him by biting him in the leg and dragging him. Then, seemingly out of the blue, a hero cat springs into action and fights the dog off the boy before chasing him away.

The child unfortunately needed some stitches after the bite, but it could’ve been a lot worse had it not been for the family cat stepping in and getting involved.

Watch the video here:


Source: Jalopnik

Does this make cats better than dogs?


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