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That Time that Porsche Stuffed and Audi V-8 into a 911

Porsche Type 965

We’ll always wonder what could’ve been…

The Porsche 911 has always been known for its flat-six engine stuffed up it’s rear-end. While other sports cars and supercars were building bigger, more powerful engines, Porsche stuck to its guns and have continuously improved their flat-sixes to become more powerful and more efficient. But there was one prototype that was locked away as a one-off test prototype for years and now it’s come back in the Porsche Museum.

Called the Type 965, the Porsche one-off prototype was built to be a less-expensive successor to the 959 halo car in the latter-half of the 1980s. What made the car so different was the fact that it had a water-cooled, rear-mounted Audi V-8 engine instead of a traditional flat-six providing the propulsion. That’s a bit blasphemous to most Porschephiles but it never moved past the testing stage and Porsche abandoned the project.


Source: Porsche

Would you like to see an Audi V-8-powered Porsche 911?


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