When you Wheelie Hard but Still Win the Drag Race

Ford Mustang Drag Race Wheelie Win

Someone is going to need a new pair of pants.

Drag Racing can be a very crazy and dangerous form of motorsports. Accidents can happen and at those insane speeds, so can injuries or even death. That’s exactly why this J.R. Pines probably needed a new pair of pants after his unconventional win at the drag strip.

Ford Mustang Drag Race Wheelie Win

During ‘Lights Out 8’ in Georgia, Pines was matched up against a Fox Body Ford Mustang with his New Edge Mustang. After the lights turned green and both drivers nailed the throttle, Pines’ car shot back and into the air for a serious wheelie.

But Pines didn’t let that stop him as he continued to pour on the power to the finish line, only hitting the pavement with the front wheels a couple of times. The impressive part is that despite the wheelie, Pines never crossed the center line, making him the official winner of the race.

We’re just thankful that he didn’t crash!

Source: CompetitionPlusTV YouTube

Do you think you’d be able to pull off a win while doing a wheelie on the drag strip?


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