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WheelsandMore Gives the Aston Martin Vanquish a new Tune and Kicks

Aston Martin Vanquish

A few modifications go a long way.

It seems as though that anything Aston Martin creates with four wheels is beautiful and classy. The new second-generation Vanquish is no different. It’s a beautifully-designed machine powered by a magnificent 5.9-liter V-12 that lets out a thunderous rumble. So how do you make it better? Well, WheelsandMore has a couple of ideas.

Beneath that sexy sheetmetal sits a 5.9-liter V-12 churning out 565 bhp at 6,750 RPM and 460 lb-ft. of torque at 5,500 RPM making for a thrilling ride. While that’s a recipe for fun, WheelsandMore knew that they could squeak out a bit more excitement out of the engine. So, they designed a new stainless steel exhaust system with integrated valve flaps to allow the driver to let the Vanquish scream, and a new ECU tune that reworks everything beneath the hood. The result is an impressive 613 horsepower and 524 lb-ft. of torque for quicker acceleration and top speed performance.

WheelsandMore Vanquish

The new Aston Martin Vanquish is curvaceous, aggressive, and has muscular fenders that, along with the V-12, give it an incredible amount of confidence on the road. The team at WheelsandMore has added a set of their weight-optimized three-piece 6Sporz² forged wheels to fill in those powerful wheel arches to give the super car a complete look. Each wheel was given a slick matte black finish with body-colored trim to draw attention to the upgraded stance. Up front, the 6Sporz² wheels were installed in a 9.5 x 21 size with 265/30/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P tires while the rear staggers in with 12.5 x 21 wheels and 325/25/21 tires.

While the new WheelsandMore Aston Martin Vanquish may not be an all-out upgrade program with all sorts of exterior and interior modifications paired up with heavy engine tuning, it’s arguably all the car really needs. Sometimes a simple set of upgrades are all you need on such a beautiful super car.

WheelsandMore Vanquish

WheelsandMore Aston Martin Vanquish Specifications

Displacement: 5.9 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-12
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 613
Maximum Torque: 524 lb-ft./710 Nm
-Stainless steel exhaust system
-ECU tune

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: 6Sporz² three-piece forged with matte black finish and body-colored outline
Front Wheels: 9.5 x 21
Rear Wheels: 12.5 x 21
Tires: Continental Sport Contact 5P
Front Tires: 265/30/21
Rear Tires: 325/25/21

[Source: WheelsandMore]

What do you think of the engine tune and wheel fitment from WheelsandMore on the Aston Martin Vanquish? Leave a comment and let us know!


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