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Get Ready for the WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S

WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S

More power and style.

The German tuners at WheelsandMore have been working with McLaren vehicles since the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was rolling around in the 2000s. Now, they’ve unveiled their new WheelsandMore “Ultimeight” McLaren 720S tuning program that benefits from some serious power and new custom-tailored forged wheels.

WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S

The “Ultimeight” name comes from the new power output in the Stage II of tuning that’s available for the 720S from WheelsandMore. The German company offers a Stage I kit that includes a new software optimization program that increases output of the 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine by 50 horsepower and 59 lb-ft. of torque for a total of 760 horsepower and 627 lb-ft. of torque.

Stage II is where the WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720 earns its name. Included here is a full exhaust system with new high-flow sports catalytic converters and stainless steel mufflers with integrated valve flap controls. This, combined with the new software optimization gives the WheelsandMore McLaren 720S Ultimeight a whopping 800 horsepower and 880 Nm (649 lb-ft.) of torque – hence the name.

WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S

In addition to the power, the McLaren 720S also gained quite a few points in the style department. WheelsandMore showed off its new FORK wheel that boasts a direction spoke design and central-locking optics. These multi-piece forged wheels are shown with an Anthracite center finish on the passenger side and a body-color-matched finish on the driver’s side.

WheelsandMore also offers their 6Sporz² and F.I.W.E. wheels on the McLaren 720S in a 20 x 9.5 front and 20 x 11.5 or 21 x 12.0 rear setup with Pirelli tires. Customers that want a track-oriented setup can opt for the 20-inch diameter while those looking for style can pick the staggered fitment that showcase’s the super car’s wedge-shaped design.

WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S

Completing the fitment is a new set of height-adjustable lowering springs for a smooth, clean look.

The entire WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S tuning program is currently available as a complete package or individual accessories from the German tuning company.

WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S Specifications

Displacement: 4.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 800 (Stage II)
Maximum Torque: 649 lb-ft. / 880 Nm (Stage II)

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: FORK, 6Sporz², or F.I.W.E. forged
Front Wheels: 20 x 9.5
Rear Wheels: 20 x 11.5 or 21 x 12.0
Tires: Pirelli
Suspension: Height-adjustable lowering springs

WheelsandMore Ultimeight McLaren 720S Gallery

Source: WheelsandMore

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