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It’s a Mahk Family Reunion with the new Chevrolet Traverse!

Zebra Corner Chevrolet Traverse Parody

Chevy’s (and Mahk’s) worst nightmare.

It was only a matter of time before Chevrolet’s new ‘Real People, Not Actors’ commercial starring the new eight-passenger Traverse was made into a parody by “Mahk” and the guys from Zebra Corner. The ad is ripe for the picking as Chevrolet’s marketing team surprised “real people” with eight members of their family stuffed into the new SUV.

The actual commercial left us wondering what Mahk’s family would be like shuffling out of the new Traverse in this situation. Thankfully, we got what we wanted and it’s just what we expected.

Zebra Corner Chevrolet Traverse Parody

Mahk starts out with everyone’s favorite car presenter showing him and others the newly-redesigned Chevrolet Traverse, with the Bahston jokester lobbing insults left and right. Mahk then switches it up and proclaims how glad he is to be there because his family is in town – until he finds out that Chevrolet packed his family into the Traverse.

The whole gang pops out including the foul-mouthed Mahk Sr., Uncle Roy, Donnie, the white-bred Maht, cousin Rory from Jersey, and even drunk MeMahw. The cast of characters is exactly what you’d expect along with their conversations centering around booze, smokes, selling drugs, and pissing. Uncle Roy even throws in a ‘Boston Superfish’ baby whale reference and subsequently asks for money while Maht, the straight-edged black sheep of the family, is asking everyone for a handshake.

It’s the last family that you’d want to pack into the new Chevrolet Traverse and it’s perfectly summed up by Maht, who jokes “Chevy Traverse, more like Chevy’s the worst”.

Ahhh, family.

(NSFW Langauge)

Source: Zebra Corner

Would you like to take a road trip in the new Chevrolet Traverse with Mahk and his crazy family from Boston?


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