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Friday FAIL: The Corniest and Most Spectacular Truck Crash, Ever!

Friday FAIL Semi Full of Corn Crash

Someone’s getting fired.

When you’re driving a tractor trailer, safety is supremely important. When an 18-wheeler gets into an accident, there can be a significant amount of damage done to the truck, its surroundings, and other people. Making sure that something like your trailer is lowered and not raised is a basic, first-priority.

We’re guessing that this truck driver doesn’t have a job anymore because they forgot to check that box off prior to driving away.

Friday FAIL Semi Full of Corn Crash

On Highway 40, north of Montreal, Quebec, a semi-truck was transporting a full load of corn meal with the trailer raised in the air. The driver, who was unaware of the trailer, drove at speed down the highway. Another driver happened to begin taking video of the truck right before they slammed into an overpass with the trailer, creating a spectacular display of force that destroyed most of the truck and part of the bridge.

According to the Transport Ministry, the bridge is going to be dismantled as a preventative measure. Thankfully, nobody was injured making this an incredibly satisfying video to watch.

Police are currently investigating the incident and whether charges or fines can be levied against the driver.

Source: CBC, ViralHog YouTube

How amazing was it to see this semi full of corn meal crash into an overpass?


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