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Let’s see How Baseball Fans like Super Cars!

Baseball Fans Supercar Reactions

Blue Jays fans, specifically.

Baseball season is off to a chilly start in parts of North America, but that’s not stopping many fans from enjoying the sport. McLaren 650S Spider owner and Toronto native, the.leviathan, decided to see what kind of reactions he would get while driving his drop-top to a Toronto Blue Jays game – and boy were some interesting.

Baseball Fans Supercar Reactions

Not only was it opening day for baseball, but also for many super car and sports car owners. This past week provided a nice change of weather, giving the.leviathan the perfect opportunity to drive his 650S Spider out around town to a Blue Jays game.

Crowds of people of all ages lined the streets as the.leviathan was stuck in spots of stop-and-go traffic. This resulted in quite a few thumbs up and compliments. It also garnered some interesting and a few nasty comments hurled from fans – all on camera. The guy with the hoodie on his head yelling “Those stripes suck!” was probably the best out of all of them.

All in a day’s drive with a super car.

Source: the.leviathan

Which reaction to driving a super car to a Toronto Blue Jay’s game was your favorite?


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