When your Lamborghini Gets beat by an old Pick-up!

Beat Up Truck Beats Lamborhgini

Old man Jenkins is at it again!

When you own an exotic, you kind of expect to be faster than 99-percent of cars on the road. That includes old, beat-up farm trucks that proudly wear rusted body panels.

Well, this Lamborghini driver got quite the surprise at the drag strip by the ultimate sleeper. The old, deteriorated pick-up that lined up in the opposite lane might look like a rusty junkyard dog, but it pulls like a Bugatti.

Beat Up Truck Beats Lamborhgini

So while it may look like a beat-up farm truck, it’s more or less the ultimate stop-light sleeper.

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks YouTube

How surprised were you at the outcome of this drag race?


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