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The Zeus Twelve Sigma – Rich Boy Toys

Zeus Twelve Sigma

Zeus Twelve is a division of Gray Design AB in Sweden who has established themselves as world leaders in the conceptualization of luxury vehicles for the ultra-wealthy. Not just your run-of-the-mill millionaire, but the guy who has islands in Dubai and more than one Black Card.

Eduard Gray founded Gray Design, and from its inception, determined that it would be known for their bold design and forward thinking. Working on levels well out of reach of the general populace, Gray Design has produced cars, bikes and motorcycles for discerning clients. Their latest offering epitomizes their commitment to fulfilling customers’ wishes and providing products for every aspect of their well-heeled automotive lifestyle. Zeus Twelve is a Sweden-based team who develop conceptualization of luxury “tailor-made” vehicles in a limited volume.

Called the Sigma, this car‘s design is that of a true a supercar. Crafted from carbon fiber, this is built for track days, much like the other track-specific cars of the present day, only on a grander scale. The carbon fiber body is accentuated by a dynamic rear wing and deep wind channels. When they say “track only”, they mean “track only”. This car will not be going through the drive-thru, the bodywork won’t make the parking lot. That bodywork includes a glass canopy – perfect for navigating the turns of your private track with 100-percent visibility.

What’s under the hood? A powerful V-12? Nope. A venomous V-10? Not at all. Perhaps a robust V-8? Uuuhh, no. It’s for those with means so it must be some hybrid, corn oil and air-inducted, rechargeable battery motor, right? No again. A 2.0-liter Caterham Duratec Straight 4 engine produces 335 horsepower at 7,500 RPM with a top speed of 180 mph.

Zeus Twelve Sigma

Won’t you and the boys have a time at the circuit when they pull out their BAC Monos and KTM Crossbows. You’ll spend half the day asking questions about it and the other half enjoying your well-earned big dog status.

A line of script from the company’s website says:

Our ethos is to work professionally and respectfully to ensure that our clients are delighted with the products they purchase from us. If you require any further information on this product or any of our other project, please do not hesitate to contact us.”

I never read that anywhere in my BMW literature. You’ll have to contact them concerning price as well. Make sure you are sitting down first.

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