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Symphonies and Exhaust notes – Mechanical Synfonica

A classic German battle.

Rieger Tuning wanted to show off their new upgrade ranges for the E9X BMW M3, Audi RS5, and R8 so they turned to Daniel Michaelis of FORMAT67.NET, and German producer, Alexander Sperr to create a film.

The group of filmmakers got together and produced a short movie that features all of the sexy German V-8 exhaust notes and a classic symphony. Throughout the film, two women driving a BMW M3 and Audi RS5 tuned by Rieger Germany, battle through mountain roads and come to meet the Rieger Tuning Audi R8 at the edge of a mountain.

We don’t know what we like better; the exhaust notes or the symphony. Go full-screen and HD for maximum viewing pleasure.

Rieger Tuning Audi and BMW Video

Presented by Rieger Tuning Germany.
Directed by Daniel Michaelis
Produced by Alexander Sperr
Co Directed by Willi Fast

[Source: Vimeo Channel]

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