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Rieger Tuning Spruces up the F32/33 BMW 4-Series

Rieger Tuning BMW 4-Series

All about that aero.

Much has been made of the name change with the new BMW 4-Series, but regardless of what number it wears on the rear, it’s still one of the most popular German coupes due to its athletic abilities and driving dynamics. Plus, it doesn’t look bad either. Rieger Tuning wanted to emphasize the coupe’s sporty nature and add a more aggressive character to the non-M cars, so they whipped up a basic, but effective aerodynamic styling kit.

The new Rieger Tuning BMW 4-Series aerodynamic styling kit is available for the F32 and F33 (Coupe/Convertible) variants in an optional ABS carbon-look plastic.

The transformation begins up front where the 4-Series is fitted with a front lip spoiler that directly attaches below the factory front bumper. This sharpens up the fascia and creates an almost aggressive demeanor for the German coupe.

Rieger Tuning BMW 4-Series

Along each side of the 4-Series are new skirts that feature an integrated air inlet/vent with mesh that broadens and visually lowers the stance for a more dynamic look. This is complemented at the rear with a new lower bumper insert that can accommodate the range of models including those equipped with the M-package and their corresponding tailpipes for a fatter butt.

The full range of Rieger Tuning BMW 4-Series aerodynamics can be ordered as a complete package or as individual accessories with or without their wide range of wheels.

Rieger Tuning F32/33 BMW 4-Series Specifications

-Front spoiler lip
-Side skirts with integrated intakes/vents
-Rear skirt with integrated exhaust outlets

Rieger Tuning F32/33 BMW 4-Series Gallery

Source: Rieger Tuning

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