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The new Fast & Furious 7 Trailer is here!

Fast & Furious 7

Now, with more Statham.

This past year has cast a large shadow of doubt over the seventh installment in the Fast & Furious film franchise with the unfortunate passing of Paul Walker. However, the team pushed on and was able to complete filming and production of Fast & Furious 7 with the release date being moved up to April 3, 2015 thanks to the help from the Walker family and high-tech CGI animation.

Much of the famed cast returns including those from previous Fast & Furious films along with newcomers, Jason Statham, who plays the role of Ian Shaw, which fits him perfectly considering his love for automobiles.

The action-packed film will be filled with suspense and all sorts of horsepower from around the globe. This will be one of the most highly-anticipated films in the series for rather unfortunate reasons, but looks to be one of the best as well.

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Will you be going to theatres to see the new Fast & Furious 7?


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