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Here’s Every Shift in Fast & Furious Franchise

Every Shift from the Fast & Furious

…because you deserve it.

The Fast & Furious film franchise have been inspiring car enthusiasts since the first film came out in 2001. While they’ve often been criticized for their choices for modifications, they’ve done the automotive community a great service by bringing in new fans and passion from a younger crowd.

Every Shift from the Fast & Furious

One of the biggest jokes about the films have been the frequency that the actors shift their cars. Instead of a quick shift or two in a sequence like a normal car, they fire off 10 or more. While these shifts are used for dramatic effect, they’re unquestionably comical among enthusiasts.

So, one YouTube user put together each and every shift from the first seven Fast & Fustious films because why the hell not? There are 236 total in this two-minute, 48-second video, so don’t blink!

Source: Nerd Fueled YouTube

Did the Fast & Furious films overdo it with shifting?


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